Entertainment Type Definition

Here user can define the type of entertainment heads of the organization. In this screen we can Add a new Entertainment Type, Edit a previously defined Entertainment Type, Delete an unused Entertainment Type and Inactive/Activate an Entertainment Type. Inactive Entertainment Type won’t be appear in further definition, transaction and reporting screens of the entire system


  • Here user can define new Entertainment Type.
  • The Description of the Entertainment Type would be used in the most of the combo/list boxes throughout the program.
  • The ‘Inactive’ Entertainment Type could not be used in the Definitions, Transactions, Reports throughout the program.



The maximum length of Code filed is 3. This code is an auto-generated number. This code will be attached to each Entertainment Type.


Here user should enter the description of Entertainment Type. The maximum length of this field is 100. User can enter any value alphanumeric value in this filed. 


User can check or uncheck this check box by using mouse click or by keyboard. Here this field is used to inactive Entertainment Type, which are no more required. The inactive records could not be used in the whole program.


Save button would save the new Payment Type or Edit any changes to previously recorded Group in the database permanently.


Add Button would allow to add a new Entertainment Type.


Edit Button would allow to edit the selected Entertainment Type.


Delete Button would allow to delete the selected Payment Type. This Entertainment Type could only be deleted if its not been used/saved in any of its dependent screens.


The print button would preview the complete Entertainment Type List. This list can be printed on the required printer on pressing the Print button at upper left corner.


Exit button is used to close the form.

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