Tablet Ordering System

  1. Tablet Ordering System
  2. Android Based Application
  3. User friendly interface
  4. When customers are seated, the order taker assigns a specific tablet to the table. This tablet is linked to the table’s order and will be used for taking the customers’ requests
  5. One Order taker to manage multiple tables
  6. Assign Order Takers for specific halls/locations.
  7. Multi location KOT, BOT printing
  8. Link Order with Customer Membership number.
  9. Restrict Order Taker to enter into other users’ occupied table
  10. Real-Time Hall Table Status (Free, Occupied, Ready to Bill)
  11. Allow running Orders
  12. Directly integrated with WebPOS
  13. Order Taker can add special remarks for item and order
  14. Order start time show on tablets
  15. Change table facility
  16. Shift Table to other Order Taker
  17. Completely online system (internet is compulsory) for Tablet system
  18. Shift Order Taker to another Hall

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