10 reasons how Plattium Restaurant Software is different from other Restaurant Software in the market

10 reasons how Plattium Restaurant Software is different from other Restaurant Software in the market

There are a lot of Restaurant Software in the market, from Point-of-Sales to automation of complete Restaurant operations. Every Software has its own strength and weaknesses. Plattium is different because it is not just a traditional Restaurant Software, it is an ecosystem of Software and applications including Desktop version, Cloud version, Tablet APPs (Waiter Ordering), Utilities (Digital Catalogue and Customer Feedback) and E-Commerce solutions (Restaurant Ordering E-Commerce website and APP).  Plattium has been used by more than 500 single and chain of restaurants around the globe since 2007. Its flexibility, ease of use, and range of utilities have made it the number 1 choice for Restaurant owners in Pakistan, UAE, and UK.

In this article, we shall identify a few reasons to explain why Plattium Restaurant Software outstands from other Restaurant Software in the market:

Reason# 1: Plattium is a Restaurant ERP, not just a Restaurant POS

Plattium is an ERP Software with modules like Point-of-Sales, Sales Ordering, Reservation, Home Delivery, Inventory, Food Costing, Attendance, Payroll, and Accounts. All these modules are integrated in order to avoid duplication of work. So, the customer gets the flexibility to get all its Restaurant Software needs from a single source, instead of importing, exporting or integrating information from one application to another. The customer has also the option to buy all, a few, or a single module at a time to keep it under their budget.

Reason# 2: Plattium Restaurant Software is designed on Standards

Plattium is not just a Software, it standardizes your Restaurant operations as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards will help the Restaurant’s operations monitoring in a more organized and optimized way. From Purchase to Sales and to Accounts, you can digitize and document each operation with proper record keeping and controlling. Never miss a timely vendor payment and never run short of inventory. Plattium Restaurant Software has helped its customers to have sustainable growth in a better way.

Reason# 3: Offline as well as Online version of Restaurant Software

Plattium offers an offline version (Desktop Restaurant Software) as well as an online version (Cloud Restaurant Software). The on-perm data can be synced to a centralized server to consolidate it from multiple Branches. The cloud version is beneficial for management to monitor real-time Restaurant operations from anywhere in the world. The online version also minimizes the IT infrastructure cost, whereas the offline version is workable for Restaurants with low availability of internet.

Reason# 4: Touch POS and Keyboard operative POS

The requirement of Touch screen Point-of-Sales or Keyboard operations Point-of-Sales varies from region to region. Plattium Restaurant POS has flexibility for both kinds of screens and users. The System admin can easily configure the Restaurant Software as per the environment. There are configurations like Item Text and/or Image display, built-in numerical keypad, etc, which help the Cashiers/Till Users to smartly optimize the POS operations.

Reason# 5: Restaurant Software Utilities

Plattium comes with multiple utilities which outstand it from its competitors. It has a Tablet based Digital Menu, which helps Restaurant Customers to visualize the Menu Item and its ingredients. This digital menu is controlled by the Software admin. Also, customer feedback is one of the key areas in a Restaurant business. To get instant feedback, Plattium comes with a “Customer Feedback APP”. The Software admin can manage the Questions and the CRM department can promptly act on customer feedback, reducing data processing delays.

Reason# 6: 200+ customizable Reports

Plattium Restaurant Software comes with 200+ Reports having multiple filters to extract the required information from every angle. These Reports are designed and developed by industry experts. The reporting tool makes them flexible for IT staff to tailor the reports to their needs. They are exportable to PDF and Excel format, providing further flexibility to the system users for re-formatting.

Reason# 7: Security and Audit Trails

Plattium Restaurant Software has built-in extensive security checks and audit trails. Software admin can control the user access from Screen to the button level (Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Cancel). There are multiple controllable checks to limit the discounts, approvals, cancellations, and editing of transactions. The admin can also view the daily user activity and monitor the deleted logs to minimize fraud. With the audit trails, information like duplicate prints, backdate entries, transactional sequence, etc. is easily accessible to the concerned departments.

Reason# 8: 3rd Party Integrations

Plattium Restaurant Software allows integrations with 3rd Party applications. The integration can be done on the database as well as the application level. There are many 3rd Party Software and applications which are already pre-configured with Plattium. These include SMS, Kitchen Display Screens (KDS), Display Counters, Payment Gateways, E-Commerce websites, and Mobile APPs. Plattium is also fully integrated with local Tax authorities of Pakistan including FBR, PRA, KPRA, and SRB.

Reason# 9: Restaurant Software Customization

The team at Plattium always struggle to provide standardized Software solution to its valuable customers. At the same time, they fully understand that sometimes the requirements vary from region to region and from customer to customer. Plattium has an in-house Software analysts and development team that is working hard to keep it up-to-date, considering the latest trends and technologies. However, if a customer has specific requirements whether it’s a report or a structural change, our Software analysts’ team works closely with our clients to identify the new changes’ impact and try to deliver them within the provided deadline. This facility makes Plattium unique among its peers.

Reason# 10: 24/7 availability of the Support Team

The support team at Plattium fully understands that the Restaurant operation timings are different from standard office hours, which is why the Support Team adjusts itself as per the time required by the Customer based on support level. The support team ensures 99.9% uptime for Restaurant Software, facilitating its customers to focus on their business operations.


Plattium Restaurant Software has a unique set of features, which make it better than the other available Restaurant Software in the market. The team at Plattium is constantly engaged in providing its valuable customers with new and advanced features, which are visibly missing in the other Restaurant Software. As a result, our Customers get a wide range of options under a single platform.

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