Activate/Deactivate Account

Screen Overview:

The Activate/Deactivate Screen would be used for the accounts which user wants to inactive or re-active for certain reasons. The deactivated accounts, unlike deleting, would be freeze at this point and won’t be used throughout the application where as its previous data would remain in the system and can be viewed in the Reports. On re-activating, the account would be reusable again. By default all accounts are Active.


  • Here users can Deactivate or Re-activate an account.
  • The Deactivated accounts won’t be used throughout the application.
  • On selecting an account, the default selection would be its opposite status i.e. if an account is ‘Active’, on search from lookup, the selected radio button would be ‘Deactivate Account’ and vice versa.
  • The Deactivated accounts would remain in the system and can be re-activated at any time.
  • The user can still view the previous effects of the deactivated accounts in the reports.
  • Search the Account from the lookup to change its status.



This is the Account Code from Chart of Accounts list for which you need to change the status i.e. either Inactive or reactive. Search the account from the lookup  button. On selecting an account, the status can be changed from the available states.


On selecting an account code, its detail would appear in this field.

Activate Account/Deactivate Account

On selection of the account, the activated account can be deactivated by selecting the ‘Deactivate Account’ radio button and the deactivated account can be reactivated on selecting the ‘Activate Account’ radio button.

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