Sales Reports

  1. Dish Breakdown Summary
  2. Dish Breakdown Summary Restaurant-wise
  3. Dish Breakdown Summary with Sale Price
  4. Restaurant wise Dish Breakdown Summary with Sale Price
  5. Dish Breakdown Summary (Date Wise)
  6. Dish Breakdown Summary (Yearly)
  7. Sale Summary
  8. Restaurant Wise Sale Summary
  9. Sale List
  10. Restaurant Wise Sale List
  11. Restaurant Wise Daily Sale Summary
  12. Closing Sales Report
  13. Periodical Sale Tax Report
  14. Items Sale Agining 
  15. Daily Sale (Graphically)
  16. Hourly Sale (Graphically)
  17. Sales on Weekdays (Graphically)
  18. Restaurant Wise Sale (Graphically)
  19. Sub Category Wise Sale (Graphically)
  20. Dump Item List
  21. Entertainment Summary
  22. Entertainment Summary List
  23. Cancel Order List
  24. Daily KOT List (Waiter Wise)
  25. Rider Wise Sales Report
  26. Home Delivery Data
  27. Home Delivery Order Count (Customer Wise)

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